Jan 22 2008

Soap Box: Primary Season

I always get a bit crazy during the bread-and-circuses that is Primary Season. I mean it’s not like elections matter…
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  1. Mark!

    Great to see another “Soapbox” comic and to see you into the fun of primary season. I would suggestion that you have more pictures in it. As it is, your anger is jumping off the page and punching me in the nut sack and I feel that it would work better to have more illustrations with just enough narration to let the obvious come across (do you really need to explain that coming in 4th is not a great plan for an 80 year old? Why not have a picture of the old guy (old time hearing aid optional) saying that his plan is working?). Your USA Today pie carts worked well except the Hilary one as those that hate her and can’t name one thing she’s done are–in my case–the same. I live in New York and hate her and can not figure out anything she’s done, only what she hasn’t done.

  2. Hardtraveling Hero

    Cej, The anger, the swearing… I like. I do agree with Mark! a bit, regarding the amount of illustrations, then again, I’m probably more texty than artsy. As for Hilary, I’m from NY and I’d swear her in over any of the other schmucks at the top of the pack. Except for maybe that Edwards guy, if only I knew who he is…

  3. Lindy

    Cripes! It’s definitely a gut-puncher! Honestly, it’s tough to know where to take one’s eyes.. as in… when do I read the balloons… but it doesn’t really matter. The point comes across loud and clear and oh-so-true! Nicely done.

    P.S. I voted.

    (for Obama) :D

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