Sep 29 2008

Pale in Comparison


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Drawing Board

Mark may tell me “We get it; shut up about Palin,” but as I mentioned, I don’t think that enough can be said.  And polls show that the more that Americans learn about this woman, the less they like her. Sure, she still motivates the Republican base, but it will take more than that to win an election. Which is no guarantee of Democratic victory, of course. And even if you win the most votes, Republicans still have ways to make sure you lose.

Nevertheless, this will hopefully be my last comic on Palin.

Putting it Together
This cartoon started about 10 days ago as a doodle on some scrap paper.

Today, I mapped the idea out on a (to scale) sheet of paper, which allowed me to make sure there was enough room for everything. I found an image of Palin on the web and then freehanded it. She came out a little too thin, but she’s close enough to be recognizable. Then I traced everything onto the final page, cleaning it up along the way. I used a brush for Palin, because I tend to think that a brush gives you a more fluid feel. The rest is done with a pen, because I need more control over small items and lettering. Then I scanned it, made some minor touch-ups in PhotoShop and put it online. Not counting the initial idea, this comic took about 4 hours.

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  1. Mark!

    “4 hours”? It takes me that long to get out of bed! I like the layout, the picture of Tina Fey, and the general idea. All of that works well. What I don’t like is being misquoted. Also, be aware that Palin didn’t ban any books. Yes, it looks like she was taking the first step towards such an action, but the action never took place. The last panel makes for nice balance, but I’m sure you can find something else about this nut case. If you want to be a right winger, feel free to bend the truth a bit, it’s one of their specialties, but you are better than that (being one of the liberal elite that controls the media and raises our taxes so you can help gays corrupt our kids).

  2. armzrace

    Since I didn’t quote you, I couldn’t misquote you. Note the future tense word “may” in “Mark may say…”

    While I appreciate your comparing me to the people who are destroying America, I have to point out that comics are designed to make fun of things. They are not bound to literal presentation of facts. You’ll note that the panel about Palin defending Alaska is just as blown out of proportion as the one you cite.

    That said, while Palin may not have been successful in banning the book, she did make the librarian’s life hell for months which resulted in the poor woman finally quitting. I’d bet real money that the croney who replaced her quietly removed the offensive literature.


  3. Mark!

    If you say so.

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