Feb 18 2010

Time to Vote!

It’s time to vote!

For those of you who live in Texas, and Harris County specifically, early voting has begun. You can find a map to an early voting place here.

If you vote on Election Day (Tuesday, March 2), you can find your voting place here.

This is a Primary, so you’ll have to choose EITHER to vote in the Democratic Primary OR the Republican Primary.

I’m voting in the Democratic Primary, and here are my picks (Note: I’ve only listed contested races, although I recommend voting in uncontested races as to give candidates a sense of their level of support):

United States Representative, District 18: Jarvis Johnson

United States Representative, District 22: Doug Blatt

Governor: Bill White

Lieutenant Governor: Linda Chavez-Thompson

Commissioner of the General Land Office: Hector Uribe

Commissioner of Agriculture: Hank Gilbert

State Representative, District 146: Borris L. Miles

District Judge, 113th Judicial District: Christina Bryan

District Judge, 157th Judicial District: Shawn Thierry

District Judge, 180th Judicial District: Lori Gooch

District Judge, 189th Judicial District: Andy Pereira

District Judge, 190th Judicial District: Jim Wrotenbery

District Judge, 234th Judicial District: Nile Copeland

District Judge, 245th Judicial District: Janiece Horn

District Judge, 247th Judicial District: Clinton “Chip” Wells

District Judge, 248th Judicial District: Trent Gaither

District Judge, 270th Judicial District: Charles Spain

District Judge, 281st Judicial District: Donna Roth

District Judge, 295th Judicial District: Paul Simon

Family District Judge, 308th Judicial District: Bruce Kessler

Family District Judge, 310th Judicial District: Judy Dougherty

Family District Judge, 311th Judicial District: Steve Herskowitz

Family District Judge, 313th Judicial District: Marc Isenberg

Family District Judge, 314th Judicial District: John Stephen Liles

Family District Judge, 315th Judicial District: Bill Thursland

County Judge: Gordon Quan

Judge, County Court at Law No. 1: Steve Reilley

Judge, County Court at Law No. 2: Damian E. LaCroix

Judge, County Court at Law No. 3: Damon Crenshaw

Judge, County Criminal Court No. 1: Beverly D. Melontree

Judge, County Criminal Court No. 2: Mary Connealy Acosta

Judge, County Criminal Court No. 3: Judith Snively

Judge, County Criminal Court No. 9: Silvia Pubchara-Munoz

Judge, County Criminal Court No. 10: Lori Chambers Gray

Judge, County Criminal Court No. 12: Robert “Bob” Cardenas

Judge, County Criminal Court No. 13: John V. O’Sullivan

Judge, County Probate Court No. 2: Joellen Snow

Judge, County Probate Court No. 3: Mary Galligan

County Clerk: Sue Smith Schechter

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3, Place 2: Denise Graves

Special thanks to Melody P. and Mike Ll. for help with this long list of candidates!

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  1. Steve Reilley

    Thank you for including me on your list of recommended candidates. I enjoy your site.

  2. Nile Copeland

    Gang, thanks for the thumbs up. It is an honor. I am unsure if we met but if anyone would like to grab lunch sometime and discuss politics, business, current events, Marvel/DC in their movie ventures, comics in general…drop me an email.

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