Feb 02 2014

Studio Time 2/1/14

Today I worked on an “establishing shot” page for when C goes to see M at his office. I figured I could knock this one out in one studio visit without too much grief.

I did the thumbnail a few weeks ago.

Here are some practice sketches I worked on first.

And the final inked page. I’m not quite happy with how it came out, but I tried a few different ideas and tools, (like a crowquill dip pen), so I guess it’s not a total disappointment. Next time I think I’ll just use fine straight lines for greys (instead of squiggle lines [panel 1] and dry brush [panel 2]). I think they might not stand out so much.

I still need to erase the pencils and maybe do a bit of clean up in Photoshop.


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  1. Mark!

    The building looks very intense and I like that. I notice that despite many detailed pictures you often have a very silhouette image of someone. What are the factors that make you decide when you make a character realistic v. formless?

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