Feb 16 2014

Studio Time 2/16/14

This time it’s a page where C is in M’s office, and he reveals his evidence to M.

Panel one is a “face off” across M’s desk. M is taller and clearer than C—it’s his place of power after all. But…

Panel two is meant to resemble a magician’s “taa daa” as he pulls the rabbit from the hat. C shows M the mortar bucket he’s found at the crime scene that he’s been carrying in an old paper bag.

Panels 3 and 4 (which you may not see until I get the gutters filled in) is meant to suggest handcuffs for M.

Here’s the initial sketch:

And the mock-up:

And the inked version:

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  1. Mark!

    Nice step by step and yes, I was going to ask about that last panel (I guess I should read things first). Speaking of the last panel, is there a way to make it thiner? I think it could be good to have these panels as a closing in on M effect (and that’s what’s happening).

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