Mar 09 2014

Studio Time 3/9/14

Maybe it was the time change, but I spent more time in the studio, but seemed to get less done.

I finished inking this page, where M decides to go tamper with evidence.

And I started on the rough for another page, where C leads M into his trap. This is pretty rough. I’m still pondering the images for the upper tier (currently the 1st 3 panels).

For those following closely at home, I think I’ve decided to combine these two pages:

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  1. Mark!

    Interesting, of course, to see the changes brought about through the creative process. Not to sure what I can add here other than more encouragement. I would suggest that some of the “trapped” images of M are too heavy. Really I only mean one of them, and that is the first with the X right over his face. Maybe it could have been more off center or have M’s hand raised blocking it in part–indicating that he is fighting it and justified as there must be a light source casting that shadow and he is just trying to see better.

  2. Cej

    The X is definitely one of the more obvious symbols. I like the idea of covering his eyes/fighting it, although I was already pushing it in suggesting that light was coming out of the cave.

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