Mar 11 2014

Calimbo: It’s a Trap!

Here we see M heading into the catacombs to tamper with evidence. This one page shows so much of what I love about comics. It mixes “realistic” images with more iconic ones; it uses symbolic imagery (there’s no way that the “X” shadow on M’s face would really happen); it breaks up the linear rhythm of the previous and following pages (M rips through the tape, which breaks the vertical panels); and it includes a kinda-sorta joke (don’t mess with Calimbo!). How egotistical does M have to be to fall into this obvious trap?


Here’s the sequence so you can see the rhythm:

Column, column, column

column; breaking the column (M is finally breaking free!); column

Nope, he’s just going down: column; column; column

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  1. Mark!

    You do a lot of interesting work with images and pacing. I’m obviously not looking at them all, but do you have any scenes of the person getting bigger as the panel progresses? I think it is good to throw in contrast.

  2. Cej

    There are a few of Calimbo getting bigger, especially in relation to M (the one where C calls to M has him looking like he’ll swallow M).. But it’s a good idea to keep in mind, especially as I haven’t finalized all the images.

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