Mar 16 2014

Studio Time 3/16/14

It was a working weekend, but I snuck away from work just long enough to…do a different kind of work!

Last time, we left off with this mock-up:

I wasn’t quite happy with it, so I reworked it a bit:

And I used a combination of the 2 mock-ups to make the final page. I re-positioned the pointing hand in panel 1 so that it is a bit more dominant. But now I think I need to add some more black so that the nitre stands out some more.

I made sure that the footprints in panels 2 and 3 line up a bit better.

Panel 4 is meant to evoke the grim reaper. Not only is C indicating where the victim died, but it also signals that the end is coming for M.

Panel 5 has another symbolic “gotcha!”

“But, Cej, where did their flashlights go?”

Cej: “Quiet, you!”

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  1. Mark!

    Definitely like seeing how things change and decisions are made. About the flashlight, it doesn’t seem like it would be the end of the world to have the pointing hand redone with the flashlight in it, so it is the flashlight that is pointing, or even have C holding a flashlight that is off and just gripping it as he is pointing. In either event it doesn’t seem like too much chaos to redo that small part, especially as you don’t have a “no price” to give out (am I the only one who knows what that is/was?).

  2. Cej

    The problem is that every little fix equals several hours of work. At this point, I’m just barreling forward. If I have time (and emotional energy) at the end, I’ll fix little errors. But as it is now, if I corrected every page that wasn’t “right” I’d never be done. I suspect most people won’t notice. And hopefully, I’ll have learned something for the next page that I do.

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