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Nov 06 2012


You mean you haven’t yet?!

Apr 12 2011

Your Guide to the Budget

Your Guide to the BudgetClick to enlarge.

With all the talk of a government shutdown, you may be confused as to why tax breaks for millionaires are good for the economy, while funding the services necessary for a functioning society is bad.

The answer is: you get what you pay for. And by that I mean, if you can afford your own congressman, you too can funnel public funds into your own coffers.

Please note how, in all the talk of budgets, one idea never gets mentioned: raising taxes .* That’s because we can’t afford to piss off our betters.

Sure, ending the Bush tax cuts last year would have made the now eviscerated social services affordable, but that would have required having a Liberal in the White House (or at least a Democrat). Obama is unable or unwilling to stand up to even the most egregious money grabs. And given how far he’s bent over to accommodate the Republicans, I can only imagine what happens with Social Security and Medicare.

*or cutting the bloated defense budget.

Comic originally published (in a slightly different format) Feb. 2010.

Nov 03 2010

Congratulation Republicans!

Congratulation Republicans! You overwhelmingly took back Governorships, the House, AND THE SENATE (you already have the Supreme Court). By embracing and incorporating a fringe movement, working lock-step within party platform of being rigid and uncompromising regardless of the issue, and your willingness to accept money from any sources and use whatever tactics necessary to win, you have shown the people that they must hate and distrust their government (except for you Republicans as you are the exception). Your win includes all aspects of the government as the Democrats long to be Republicans. They refuse to follow their own platforms, vehemently decry any outsider movements, constantly attempt to kow-tow to Republican demands (especially in the south and midwest), and are willing to do anything just to contend for the same sources of money as the Republicans have. Your win is a win for dogmatic intransigents and manipulation of the ignorant for the sake of your masters: the richest 1% of the country that controls most of its wealth. Meanwhile, the Democrats loss is one they have earned through years of cowardliness and self-destructive actions/inactions. You deserved to win as you are a hive mentality. And Democrats deserve to loss because you have no idea what they even want to be.

Feb 25 2010

Sleep Deficit Disorder

click to enlarge.

This one has been churning around my brain for a few months. And really, it could be used to call out conservatives on just about any issue that they conveniently ignored under the Bush reign; but deficit reduction is probably their most laughable hypocrisy. Plus it’s easier to make a pun with.

And Obama (et al) are such pussies for caving so easily on this issue. Yes, we need to address the deficit; but let’s get the economy moving first. Then it’ll be much easier to pay down the debt.

Obama claims that, “like people, the government needs to tighten it belt,” but that’s exactly wrong. Unlike households, the government is in a unique position to drive the entire economy. Governments should step on the gas (spend) when the economy slows down and ease off (save more) when the economy is going gangbusters.

Remember the hole Reagan and Bush I dug for us? Remember the surplus Clinton left us with? What the rise of the internet did under Clinton, “green” tech can do under Obama if we just use the stimulus money in targeted ways.

Feb 23 2010

DNC Thought Process

This is another quickie comic that has been sitting around for awhile.

I should call this “DNC No Thought Process” since the answer to every problem is “be more conservative.” It doesn’t help that the national media and Democrats themselves label even the slightest leftward direction “radical.”

What happened to the true liberals? (I’m sorry, but Obama is at best a moderate Dem, despite what Glen Beck tells you.) Outside of a handful of senators (Sanders, Franken, Feingold), every one of them can’t wait to race to the “center” fast enough. Nevermind that the center has drifted so far right that even Nixon would be considered a liberal today (he wanted crazy things like affordable tuition and health care reform).

The bottom line is, given the choice between a Republican and a Republican wannabe, people are gonna go with the real deal.

Feb 03 2010

Dear Mister President

click to enlarge

Drawing Board

Since I had to do some clean up because of bad scans, I decided to go ahead and fix a few other things about the comic.

The pacing of the comic was not quite working. Resizing the panels allowed me to make it more like a syllogism: Tier 1: they hate you; Tier 2: it doesn’t matter, you can still do great things; Tier 3: therefore, do great things. Okay, it’s not quite a syllogism, but I think the pacing is a little better.

This was a comic that I was creating as I was working on it. I had a loose script, with no punchline (or kick line as the case may be). It was closer to 13 panels, but I cut out some of the lesser needed info. I drew it piecemeal in that each of the images was drawn on a separate page, which allowed me to more easily re-size and move things around (as will be obvious if you look at the earlier draft below).

I’m still working on my cartoon Obama. I realized after I inked the first image that if the prez is supposed to be tall, his pants should be too short rather than rolled up into cuffs. He’s in rolled up shirtsleeves and jeans, because I actually think he does work hard (as opposed to some pResidents I’ve drawn).

The comic doesn’t come close to saying everything I’d like to about Health Care Reform, but I think it basically gets my point across about Obama’s (so far) failure to get it done. If you don’t lead strong, others will fill the vacuum.

Jan 28 2010

Pick up your phone, Senators!

I tried calling my Senators today to get them to stop being a bunch of cowards and start acting like Democrats (you know, the majority party in a state that’s largely democratic) and push health care reform.  I couldn’t get through to Schumer (no voicemail? really?) and Gillibrand number sent me to Verizon (not that that mattered, all I need is Schumer, as she votes however he does). Anyway, if someone wouldn’t mind giving them a ring. These are the numbers I got. Tell them to stop being pussies and give me health care.

Senator Charles Schumer
Phone: 202-224-6542
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
Phone: 202-224-4451supporting thin

Aug 21 2008

What’s the Difference?

democrats and republicans

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Drawing Board

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Jul 11 2008

Goodbye FISA

In honor of the Democrats (including Obama) who still run in fear of a lame duck president who is hated by 80% of Americans and who have no problem gutting the Constitution by providing retroactive immunity to telecom lawbreakers—and by extension, the Executive Branch—the ArmzRace proudly re-presents the following comic. Click to enlarge.

Goodbye FISA