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Nov 02 2013

WHAM: Meanwhile…

I’m frantically getting ready for WHAM, which means I’m polishing up some oldies and goodies.

Given the crowd at WHAM, this one might be a crowd pleaser. I’m a bit reluctant to show it, for infringement reasons. But I promise to donate any proceeds to charity.

Minor clean up on this one, but it still took quite some time.

Meanwhile will be available as an 8.5 x 11″ print.

Look! Up in the sky! No copyright issues here!


Jun 26 2012


Superheroes are pretty pathetic if you think about it. And the more powerful they are, they more impotent they seem to be at effecting any real change. Let’s face it, instead of spending hours punching bad guys as Batman, billionaire Bruce Wayne could do more a lot more for Gotham by creating some Green jobs for the unemployed.

Of course, it’s not too big a leap to say the same about any real person, especially those whom our society deems “important”: millionaires, politicians, celebrities. Imagine if they used their vast resources to make a real difference instead of just further self-aggrandizement. Maybe if we had more heroes in real life, we wouldn’t have so great a need for them in comics (or film for those of you who don’t read comics).

That said, I would absolutely fight crime in other universes if I had the opportunity.

Jun 07 2011

What Do You Think of Spider-Man?

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Growing up, it always drove me crazy that the Marvel Comics heroes would stay in costume while partying or hanging out by the pool. It made no sense to me that they wouldn’t wear civilian clothes while off duty.*

As I got older and became more interested in character than in punching, I looked on these off duty scenes as a great opportunity to develop the characters. Alas, the heroes either talked about work** or something relatively neutral. I suspect that the writers feared that too much human interaction might turn off their action-oriented readers.

But juicy conversation topics are a great way to reveal personality traits and round out a character. Ultimately, a character’s quirks make you care more about her/him. And nothing says more about a person than the way s/he talks about you behind your back.

These are the kinds of scenes that I’d like to see more of, and I suspect that having them would make superhero comics more accessible.***

* Obviously, it’s harder for readers to recognize (and for Marvel to trademark) a guy in his civvies.
** “Work” being defined as “whom they are currently punching.”
*** There are lots of great character-driven comics; but most of them are not in the superhero genre.

All characters appearing in the above comic are (C) and TM Marvel Comics.

Mar 03 2009

Man Without Peer

Daredevil: Jerk

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Drawing Board
Happy Birthday, John!

A few years ago, I pointed out that Daredevil sure seems to get beaten up a lot. Well, as you can see from this comic, the reason DD gets beaten up is because he’s a real jerk.

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Feb 10 2008


Click to enlarge…

Special thanks to the ArmzRace gang for helpful comments on this one. It still needs a title, in the neighborhood of “Super Ego” or “Holy Neuroses, Batman!” or even some cool meaning for the JLA acronym (the best I could do was Just Leaveme Alone).

Anyway, enjoy.

Jan 26 2008

Ratman v. Republican-all-Ghoul

This one was “completed” 6 months ago, but I always intended to touch it up a bit based on ArmzRace members’ input. So here’s the final version. Looking back at it, I think the primary problem with it is the set-up: if you aren’t familiar with Batman Begins (or even seen it recently), you probably won’t understand the motivation* of Ras-al-Gul (here Republican-all-Ghoul).

The final panel is kinda unclear too.

And the middle could use some work.

But other than that….Oh well…

Click to enlarge.

*He wants to destroy the city because it’s a symbol of failure; but he seems to forget that it was his people who were doing things to make it fail. His logic makes no sense; and it sounds very similar to Republican rhetoric to me, hence this comic response.

Jan 24 2008

Ratman: Fear Itself

So this one was basically complete a few months ago, but I wanted to make a few touch-ups based on ArmzRace members’ input. This thing could still use some major re-work, but sometimes you just gotta say “done.”

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Dec 30 2007


So this is the birthday present that I intended to give John back in April. But then I had a little bout with an appendectomy. And then I got lazy for a good long time. So, roughly 8 months late, here it is. This was an idea that John came up with, I just did all the heavy lifting. Really, this is the kind of comic that makes you think how ridiculous cartooning really is. It may take you all of 5 seconds to read this thing. It took me about 5 days to make it. Something is very very wrong. Click to enlarge:


Dec 08 2007

Same Problems…

This is probably funnier if you’ve read comics since your were 5 years old (or not).

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May 21 2007


A few things really bothered me about the movie Batman Begins. One was the idea of Batman driving the Batmobile over rooftops and endangering dozens of innocent lives. The other was Ras-Al-Ghul’s plot against Gotham City. It sounded like something out of the right wing’s spin machine. It inspired this cartoon.

Click to see the full image.