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Oct 27 2013

Mark! as a monkey! as perceived by AR fans (3):

From one of our raffle winners! 

Oct 20 2013

Mark! as a monkey! as perceived by AR fans (2):

Continuing the Houston ZineFest saga that is Mark! as Monkey!

Oct 17 2013

Mark! as a monkey! as perceived by AR fans (1):

Missed out on the awesomeness of the Houston ZineFest? Feel like you were there with pictures of Mark! as a Monkey! as done by AR fans:

Oct 09 2013

ZineFest (Oct. 12) is Almost Here!

Make your plans now to join the ArmzRace gang at the Houston ZineFest: October 12, from 3-8pm at the Museum of Printing History.

You’ll have the opportunity to pick up the ALL NEW comic from Mark!: Why My Life Sucks 3!!!

Oct 06 2013

Almost Famous

Less than a week until ZineFest (October 12); and the ArmzRace gets a nice little interview over at ZineFest Houston.org


Sep 18 2013

ZineFest is Hanging Over Your Head Like the Sword of Damacles! (Oct. 12)

Just what is Mark!s strange obsession with fish? Join the ArmzRace gang at the Houston Zine Fest and ask him yourself. Or maybe go the safer route and just pick up a copy of Tales of a Fish Whisperer by Mark!


Tales of a Fish Whisperer

Autobiography and humor. Color and B&W interior.

October 12, 2013

3-8 pm (Free Admission)

Museum of Printing History
1324 W Clay St
Houston, TX.

Sep 12 2013

ZineFest is Almost Here!

Join the ArmzRace gang at the Houston Zine Fest and pick up a copy of Why My Life Sucks by Mark!

Thrill to the misery and depredation of Mark’s day-to-day existence. Reading this will make you feel better about whatever you think is bothering you.
3-8pm (Free Admission)

Museum of Printing History
1324 W Clay St
Houston, TX.

Sep 08 2013

ZineFest Approacheth!

Join the ArmzRace gang at the Houston Zine Fest and pick up a copy of Gags: Bound by Mark!


Rip-roaring single panel comics that will leave you ready for the funny farm!
October 12, 2013
3-8pm (Free Admission)

Museum of Printing History
1324 W Clay St
Houston, TX.


Sep 05 2013

ZineFest is Coming!

Join the ArmzRace gang at the Houston Zine Fest and pick up a copy of Booty Call by Hard Traveling Hero (Paul)!

Lust! Responsibility! Anxiety! This one has it all!
October 12, 2013
3-8pm (Free Admission)

Museum of Printing History
1324 W Clay St
Houston, TX.

Aug 26 2013

Cej and Mark!’s Excellent NYC Zine Fest Adventure

August 18: Cej flew to NYC, Cory drove Cej to Mark!’s place on Long Island; played Cthulhu Fluxx (Cej’s B-Day present to Mark!)

August 19: Hung out at Mark!’s; short beach time in the grey weather; hung out in basement organizing comics (why did we read so much garbage?); prep for zine fest.

August 20: Went to beach; did Etsy update; worked on ArmzRace Facebook and Twitter (Mark! is the official AR twit–I mean, tweeter); walked around Westhampton; Mark! helped edit Bell’s (and this phrase as it was all misspelled). 

August 21: Day at the beach; paddle boarded at Moriches Bay (remember where TWA flight 800 went down?); worked on AR Google +; chose the comics for podcast, which took longer than it will take to make it; applied to WHAM. 

August 22: Worked on AR, went for a bike ride and saw some deer. Wandered around Westhampton. Mailed a package for a book sold via Panel-2-Panel (check it out on Amazon!) and headed off to NYC (delayed due to major accident (stop tailgating you maniacs!)).

August 23: Hit up four awesome comic shops and bought far too many books. Worked on AR stuff in preparation for the zine fest. Ended the day by going to Teacher’s College to game in their Game Theory lab with Sonam, Kym, Christian, Mack, Ed (spent far too long playing Sentinels, a great game but The Chairman is a crappy villain, and got home very late).

August 24: The Zine Fest had arrived! Got the various books we wanted to showcase together, but then went for a stroll around Central Park. Finally went to the fest which was definitely interesting, but there were some issues. The number of people peddling wares was greater than the number of attendees. Wares tended to be very small and shoddy for a buck or two, or very detailed and even more expensive. Honestly, our stuff was cheaper and of better quality than most (a one page, poorly folded comic for a dollar?! I’m giving you over ten times that with color! And you can buy all our over a dozen products for less than many of the midrange works that others sold.). Mark! knew a trio of people and it was nice to catch up with them and D came with her husband L. We found an empty table and decided to set up shop rather than walk around attempting to trade comics. This might have worked better if one of the organizers wasn’t sitting right next to us and wondering what we were doing. Hey, you just filled a table that was canceled at the last minute, be happy, we paid our way. 

August 25: Cej returns to the land that progress and open mindedness hates without promising to find a way to meet up with Mark! in DC in two months. 

Drums in the Park

Aug 25 2013

Jason – Bonesteel

That’s probably not his real name, but he’s a nice enough guy for a person who writes and draws a rather cutesy comic about movie homicidal maniacs and the drudgery of their lives (having to clock in to work, fill out forms of how many people you murdered, blah, blah, the usual). I liked it lots. Check it here

Oct 10 2012

Tabling at Richmond Zine Fest Preview

Maybe this is too chaotic?

Close-up of our table.

This is is a mess!

One more!

Jun 02 2012

Sweet Graffiti and Our Lady of Sweet Revenge: An Indie Comic Review

Synopsis: Reluctantly married to a royal envoy, a princess fights off marauding hags and gives her new marriage a chance.

Review: This comic approaches viewers with an interesting presentation that doesn’t indicate what the interior is like. It may create some mystery, but the splotched on red paint is somewhat difficult to read and whatever symbol appears in the center of the cover is indecipherable, as is the symbol on the back cover (not shown). Hopefully the mystery is enough to get readers to pick up this comic and delve into the interior, which has a sort of graffiti-esqe style with thick black lines that I normally dislike because my brain doesn’t seem to decipher it well, but in this book I manage to enjoy and appreciate the style despite my comprehension issue.

Hopefully Taney is cool with me featuring the final art page of the comic here, borrowed from her Tumblr (if not, let me know and I will take it down immediately):

[click the artwork to enlarge]

This is one of the more readable pages and it makes me curious what the back story is and why this “hag” wants revenge and entices me to read a second issue, hoping for some unique storytelling and something to connect us to the characters. The princess fighting hard, not only for her life, but that of her husband and her apparent attitude change toward him seemed to come out of nowhere, so perhaps we’re jumping into the situation a little too fast or this first installment would be more satisfactory if a later issues addresses the arranged marriage and their interactions.

I enjoy the icey blue tones, the character designs, and very much the backgrounds that include distant scenery, and most of the page layouts, but the action pages can be difficult to read, despite the addition of red gradients to indicate the passion and excitement of the battle scene. The “blue pages” remind me of the Jotenheim scenes in the Thor movie, which were visually attractive, yet made it difficult for me to follow the movie’s action in this world of eternal twilight, so it might be a contrast issue. Perhaps simpler coloring with less gradients would be easier on the eye. The artwork may only improve with “simpler”, solid coloring, even if it takes away from the appearance of shadows and light.

This comic is the first of a series and you can read Taney’s description of what is intended, borrowed from the author’s Tumblr:

Descent of Holy Mountain is the first of a series of self-contained minicomics by Joy Taney in a format inspired by Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles, with a series of short, self-contained stories that feature an ensemble of protagonists while following an overarcing plotline. The series, titled Our Lady of Sweet Revenge, tells the story of of Fala, the arctic hag who attacked the travelers Lorelei and Hart Capra,  in her pursuit of revenge aganst the moon elf she blames for the deaths of her mother and her clan. As Fala’s plans come together, she must ask herself just much she is willing to sacrifice to achieve her bloody goal.

Cost: Uncertain as this was part of my massive Adhouse Books buy from the 2011 Richmind Zine Fest, which you can read about by clicking the link.

Publication: 2011 for the 2nd edition and I seem to have #18 of 24 printed.

Contact: Joy Taney can be found via Tumblr and Facebook.

Recommendation: I’m truly curious to see more of this creator’s work as the coloring and style are engaging, even if the color tones make it somewhat difficult to decipher what’s going on. Hopefully future printed issues will feature covers with the artists’ line work and coloring abilities, something bright and flashy.

The entire comic can be read online, for which I found a link through a post on Spandexless. Check it out and enjoy the art and let the creator know what you think!

Despite fair use, permission for interior art granted by its creator.

Jun 01 2012

Ria: Cyber-Smasher: There’s Potential

Alex Avery’s Ria: Cyber-Smasher “Episode Zero” introduces readers to a young girl who loves kung-fu movies, but whose asshole father moved her and her mother to Qwellton because it’s “one of the most peaceful places around”, apparently so peaceful that she might be ostracized for enjoying martial arts. This makes me think this comic was either created by a young teenager or is created for younger kids, given the story and the art.

Don’t let the cover fool you; the interior art is actually better. The distraction of the ugly coloring–is that colored pencils–or cheap markers?–on the cover isn’t an issue with the black & white interiors, which sport a character design style reminiscent of 8-bit video games and amateur manga. Unlike some of the other books I’ve read from the Avery clan, the line work and inking in this comic is actually fair quality, as are some of the layouts and action.

One area that’s truly lacking is pacing as it feels like the comic jumps between ideas, actions, or settings without fluid transition and giving the reader everything they expect. Avery asks the reader to imagine way too much in the gutters between panels. Additionally, one page features three male characters playing video games, which have nothing to do with the remainder of the story, making me wonder if they were intended to show up in the next issue.

Avery’s out-dated resume is available on his website and indicates he was attending the School of Visual Arts in New York City. I believe I have some of his later work I’ll be reviewing and we can see if his education is paying off…

Cost: Not sure, but the entire comic can be read for free on the Capsule Comics website. This was another part of the Adhouse Comics box buy at the 2011 Richmond Zine Fest. Click the link for my review of the event.

Publication: 2009

Contact: Alex Avery can be found via the Capsule Comics website where readers can peruse some of the creator’s other work, often co-created with his brother and cousin.

Recommendation: If someone gave me the next installment free or if it was a dollar (which I doubt), I would read it, but I don’t plan on making any effort to continue the series. From what I’ve seen on Avery’s site, there is no continuation despite the mystery conclusion.

Send me money for postage and it’s yours, otherwise it’ll sit in my unofficial minicomics and zine lending library.

May 31 2012

Monster Mash on the Monster Isle: A Minicomic Review

If you like Godzilla, Power Rangers (whichever version), Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad, or Gammorah, this comic might be one you’ll enjoy. Monster Isle: Big Monster Stuff is an all-ages comic for fans of the “human in costume” playing giant-monster or monster fighter movies and TV shows. It’s not terribly profound or deep, but does cutely poke fun at the genre, with allusions to Godzilla and Star Trek for the geeks.

Strip-style comics rarely appeal strongly to me and this one fares no better. This is one of my biases, other than losing interest in the “giant monster” genre in my early teens. On the other hand, maybe you’re the core audience for this book?

Cost: As you can see below, $4.00 for this 24-page (including covers) minicomic, though I got it as part of my Adhouse Books box buy at the 2011 Richmond Zine Fest.

Contact: Joey Weiser can be reached via his Tragic-Planet website.

Recommendation: I realize printing in color is costly and that this comic wouldn’t be nearly as appealing in black and white, but it’s a quick read and it seems many or all of the comics are archived on the Monster Isle page of Wieser’s website, where you can read them for free and subscribe using an RSS reader.

I could imagine the printing costs might make it more worthwhile if he were to print larger collection of his work, similar to some of the collections I’ve seen from Microcosm and other small press publishers and distros, and then it might be worth shelling out for, not that this costs more than most comics from Marvel or DC.

Send me money for postage and it’s yours, otherwise it’ll sit in my unofficial minicomics and zine lending library.

The rear cover.

May 31 2012

Will the ArmzRace table at the DC Zine Fest 2012?

Stay tuned for more information, oh fabulous reader!

Don’t forget to visit the official site for the DC ZineFest!

May 30 2012

Dino Docs: ER and Jurassic Park: A Crichton Marriage

Michael Crichton has some awesome ideas when he came up with both the groundbreaking CGI extravaganza that made us believe dinosaurs could walk the earth, Jurassic Park, and the long-running hospital drama that introduced us to the swoon-worthy George Clooney (for those who missed him as Booker on Roseanne), ER.

Creator Rusty (Rowley) marries the two concepts in this high-comedy, high-drama 8-page minicomic. This seems like a marriage for the ages and I hope to see more Dino Docs comics in the future, especially since this issue ends with a cliffhanger and hints at the catastrophe to come in the next issue.

Cost: uncertain, though I somehow obtained a second copy for one of my dinosaur-loving friends.

Publication: date unknown

Contact: Rusty Rowley is one of the people behind Full Sanction, which I will review a few issues of later. Read his bio here. Just because you weren’t at the awesome 2011 Richmond Zine Fest (click the link for my review of the event) doesn’t mean you can’t write the auteur and buy a copy online! — Update! It’s come back to me that Rusty and his friend and co-creator Joe were hilariously entertaining when I visited their table. This is the sort of detail that gets forgotten after seven months. Oy!

Recommendation: While short, I don’t think this comic costs more than a dollar or two, therefore I suggestively suggest you buy a copy for each person you know who likes dinos, drama, and comedy. This is a dino-dramedy and worth every penny.

And what does this mystery phrase in this nearly dead language mean?

May 26 2012

Richmond Zine Fest 2011: After Action Report

DIY or Die: A Richmond Zine Fest Review

Click on images to enlarge them.

Tabling at the 2011 Richmond Zine Fest

The Hardtravelinghero sports the sexy ArmzRace ringer-T, available via Cafepress. Get yours now before they're sold out! Clearly this is what attracted this woman to the table to read our stuff (OK, so she's really reading about what zines are and she came with me).

In a crowded room full of creative freaks, geeks, hippies, hipsters, couch surfers, leather tramps, communists, visual artists, poets, queers, transsexuals, transvestites, radical mental health advocates, anarchists, and…um, am I forgetting anyone?–oh yeah, I forgot vegans–how do you stand out? What can be done to draw people in and get them to at least acknowledge your presence and if you’re lucky, look at the ephemera you’re offering for sale or for swap?

Do you bring a pretty pregnant woman, about to pop, dressed in purple? Do you grow a giant coppery beard the color of some fabled dragon what lives in a volcano? Perhaps cat ears will look cute, especially if only one ear is perked. Would colorful signs help? A nice smile? Maybe a demonic glint in the eye?

Last time I reported on the Richmond Zine Fest was from the point of view of an attendee and this is what I had to say about it. Obviously I enjoyed myself enough to return as a tabler and I give many thanks to those who made it possible, the organizers, the attendees, the other tablers. This was the most fun I’d had in a long time.

The ArmzRace Comics on display.

The ArmzRace creations laid bare before the world, naked and vulnerable, like a woman giving birth before a live studio audience.

My second time at the Richmond Zine Fest, I represented the astonishing, astounding, amazing ArmzRace. Available were copies of almost all the books we’ve each created in our centuries-long history (Take that Marvel and DC!):

  • Apokalips
  • Cheap Shots
  • ABCs of the USA
  • Angels and Amphibians (clearly our best seller)
  • Why My life Sucks
  • Why My Life Still Sucks
  • Gags: Bound
  • Tales of a Fish Whisperer (with color!)
  • Booty Call (our actual best seller–hey, sex sells, even bad sex)
The ArmzRace comics from God's point of view (if he existed).

I think we need to learn how to make silk-screened covers with some color...

This past year was a blast. I was anxious about getting set up, yet left half hour later than I planned, on a near empty tank of gas, having driven from Long Island and stopping in Manhattan to pick up a bunch of books from Mark!, which meant double-parking on Lexington Ave. after circling Mark!’s block about three times trying to find parking.

For some reason, my escape from New York via the Holland Tunnel kept me on Lexington for most of the drive, which sucked for the first twenty or thirty blocks and if I was lucky, I made two streets per light change, but once I hit the top of Midtown, I flew, which was odd, because I’d have thought Midtown would be packed a lot more than uptown. Anyhow…

From across the aisle.

Our setup definitly needs more color.

Having tabled, I learned a few things that might make the next event better:

  • A black tablecloth with the ArmzRace logo spray painted in white, using a stencil. I want that DIY look.
  • Attractive signs advertising our freebies
  • More sexy bearded men with cat ears
  • Silk-screened or otherwise color covers that attract attention
  • More sex. Booty Call moved the best, possibly because it’s sexy and also because some people expressed interest in swapping or buying from the creator(s) who were actually there, though I expressed that Mark! and Cej would have been there if they could.

I did my best to always be at the table when visitors were around, but otherwise got to visit almost every table in the joint and swapped with a huge number of people, using mostly Booty Call since I’m not comfortable swapping Mark!’s and Cej’s stuff. I realize I should get over that so I can get them more awesome stuff!

Not that I could afford to, but I think I spent about $96.00 on comics and zines in additional to all that I managed to swap for.

Rad Zines

Zines!More fine zines

  • Pornopticon 2 – Cyberpunk Apocalypse – website
  • You Are Not Alone (In Feeling Alone) – Mara Hyman – Tumblr
  • A Zine About Billy: A Story of a Story – Danny Mae
  • Minutiae 2: Wandering Sweet Pea – Aijung Kim – website
  • Keller – Gary Llama – website
  • In-Between – Aijung Kim (this is some good stuff)
  • LIPS: Expressions of Female Sexuality: The Power Issue (from people at William and Mary College) – website
  • LIPS Richmond 2: The Monster Issue – Various – Facebook
  • Walking the Edge of Insanity – Sacha Scatter
  • Unraveling the Bio-Psychiatric Knot: A Future History of the Radical Mental Health Movement – Sascha Altman DuBrul AKA Sascha Scatter – Facebook
  • Unicorn Poop 5: The Sexy Time Issue – Elizabeth Raines et al. – no website
  • Unsure what this one is called (no, this is not its name)
  • Discomfort: One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Zine: A Collection of Found Things – Dave Gunn – FacebookEtsy
  • Unsure what this one is called also (again, not its name) – D – actualize.the.collapse (at) gmail.com
  • Smash the Pastryarchy – Kara – Etsy – (a gift for the zinester author of Dangerous Compassions)

Sweet Comix!

Comix!More comix buys and swaps!

  • Mr. Sqibbley’s Pooch: Fang – Eric Gordon – inkblotto (at) gmail.com
  • Full Sanction – Rusty Rowley and Joe Mochove – Full Sanction website
  • Fuck You: Pictures from the Heart – Kseniya Yarosh – website
  • Dino Docs – Rusty (Rowley?)
  • Culture Vulture – Eric Gordon – Big Hand Comics – Mobius Studios
  • Candy or Medicine 4 and 13 – Various – website
  • All in Danger Now – Rusty Rowley and Joe Mochove – Full Sanction
  • Animated Dog Breath – Eric Gordon – Big Hand Comics – blog
  • Nielzine 77 – Scribd
  • Wayward, Mildred Pierce – Leeyanne Moore (writer) & Liz Vaughan-Mead (visual artist)
  • Marvel Vs. DC – Oura
  • Fanciest Lumps: Letting Go – Mark Delboy
  • Unfed – Mark Delboy – website
  • Portraits #1 (One-of-a-kind cover) – Stephanie Kwak – website
  • Oh No, Oh My: A Collection of Emails – Kseniya Yarosh
  • Ninja Force – Oura Sananikone – EastCoast Comix
  • East Coast Comix #1 – Various and Oura – Myspace
  • Crazed Mazes #2  12-Page Preview – Myron Smith – on WeMakeZines
  • Attitude Adjustment: On Being CRAZY in a Crazy World… – Distro?

Even the Business Cards Are Cool, and Some Stickers!


Some were free, some were bought: stickers! I really like the Icarus Project sticker and bought a second one for a friend. And there were some free, cool business cards!

Wheelin’ and Dealin’

And then, at the end of the show I went to the table for the publisher Adhouse Books and most of the following zines and comix came from a huge printer-paper box they had. The man said to make him an offer and so I did and that meant the box was mine. I also bought a Johnny Hiro TPB was only five dollars and a bunch of normal-sized comics they had in a dollar box. I think I made out well, though oddly found one of the ArmzRace freebies in the box, probably got from the “free” table.

I did give Adhouse rep. Chris Pitzer copies of Angels, Fish Whisperer, Apokalips, Booty Call, Why My Life Sucks and Why My Life Still Sucks, hoping he might want to publish some of our stuff. Yeah.

Some Over-sized Comix

Some over-sized comixAnother batch of comix

  • Tarot Rizers – Alex Avery – Capsule Comics
  • Slurricane 2 – Will Laren – website/Blog
  • Sick and Tired or maybe Funnies, Vol. 5 – Charlie Fogel  – Myspace
  • RIA: Cyber-Smasher – Alex Avery
  • Funny Kung Fu 1 – Jake Bornyasz and Alex Avery
  • Fire ‘N Brimstone – Alex Avery
  • Dirtman -Special Issue 1 and 2 – Sam, Matt, and Alex Avery
  • Circulating Drafts – Alexander Rothman – website
  • Public Education – Jon O. – website

Standard DIY Size Comix

  • Led By a Madman – Vi Cao – randomperson89 (at) gmail.com
  • Incomplete Breakfast Comics – Caitlin Bridges – Tumblr
  • I’ll Take You To the Moon And Leave You There 1 – Skuds McKinely – website
  • I Don’t Get It – Vi Cao
  • The Downward Spirals – John Simcoe
  • Howdy Pardner – Andrew Brandou – Virtu Art Gallery
  • Decorum – Ed Choy Moorman – website
  • Comic Book Previews – Michelle Nunnely – website
  • Cartoon Delia 1 – Johandson – blog (in foreign tongues)
  • Black Star 5 – Jeff Zwirek – website
  • Jeremy, Carol, Danny – Lizz Hickey – homepage -

Never ending box of comix!And the comix marched on...

  • Space Jam – Ian Jay – website
  • The Song of Otto 1, 2 – Frank Fiorentino – blog & Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer – website
  • Social Insect – Adam Meuse – meausetrap (at) yahoo.com
  • Sketch Charlottle: Free Comic Book Day Anthology – editors Seth Peagler & Heather McKinney – blog
  • Rangda : The Witch Queen of Bali – Keny Widjaja – website
  • Puppyteeth: A Collection of Short Comics – editors Kevin Czapiewski & Liz Suburbia – website
  • The Pistoleers 2 – Dan Nokes – website
  • Introducing Parly Pork – Rellie Brewer & Harrison Stewart
  • Now in Lemon – website
  • Michael LaVelle Sketchbook – DeviantArt
  • Mailroom – Rebecca Mock – blog
  • My Every Single Thought: What I Think About Being Single – Corinne Mucha – website
  • Leper – Jeff Zwirek

Seriously, it was a great deal!

  • Imaginary Monsters – Peter Lazarski – website
  • Gimmick Illustrated 1 – Jason Little – website
  • Rocking So Hard – Shannon Smith – website
  • Instances – Tom Galambos – Sequential Tart
  • Badman’s Cave – Derik Badman – website
  • The Apocrypha of Amelia – Amelia Onorato
  • Prison for Bitches – Various – website
  • Vacation 1, 2 – Daryl Seitchik – website
  • The Travelers Garden – Saul Zimet – saulmz (at) gmail.com
  • Tom Huck: A Life Out of Line – Kevin McClosky  – website

Cover coolness!Normal-sized comics

  • Siamese Grandson and Other Stories – Danny Mac or Daniel Patrick McCloskey via Cyberunk Apocalypse (sort of?)
  • Red Lighter – John Simcoe
  • Mermin – Joey Weiser – website
  • Grixly 18 and 19 – Nate McDonough – Facebook (for the comic)
  • Sketches of Fishtown Vols. 1 and 2 – Jeffro Kilpatrick and Sean Gallagher – blog
  • Simple Routines 13 – JP Coovert – website
  • Scurds & They – website
  • Hamster Blues – John Simcoe – website
  • The Enigama of Dr. Longsnout – Danny Mac – via Cyberpunk Apocalypse
  • Dog Comix 6 & 1/2, 7 – Gary Fields – website
  • Black Hole Brains 2 – Lady Dorian – DeviantArt
  • Bears in Space – Nate McDonough & Danny Mac – via Cyberpunk Apocalypse
  • The Adventures of Queen Christina  6 – Amelia Onorato – website
  • Monster Isle: Big Monster Stuff – Joey Weiser – website

Some were from the dollar box, some were from the big box

  • Too many to list right now
  • Our Lady of Sweet Revenge – Joy Taney – Facebook
  • Too many more to list right now

Some Trade Paperbacks included in the box (not pictured) were:

  • Witchblade: Witchhunt – meh!
  • Top Cow Holiday Special/Jingle Belle: Grounded Flipbook
  • Dark Age: Book 01: Dominion

I’d also bought Nate Beaty‘s BFF: Brainfag Forever, which I found to be OK, but fairly typical of autobiographical comix, in that I could handle only so much at a time before wanting to scream.

Sketchbook Time

While I didn’t have much time to focus on this, I did get two awesome sketches, the first from Dave Gunn and the latter from Oura and I appreciate these immensely because they are awesome, but even more than that, because these two individuals went above and beyond to take the time to do this for me:

Yes, that is a semi-filled condom the pigeon is thinking about while reading some silly comic. Moo? Awesomely funny!

2011 Richmond Zine Fest Gunn Nate2011 Richmond Zine Fest Oura

Thank you, awesome artists!

And this concludes our broadcast. Stay tuned for reviews of each item pictured here!

May 27 2011

ZineFest Guests

Sam Houghton came by the table  at ZineFest bearing a wealth of hand made business cards. Each one was individually drawn and colored. I unsuccessfully tried to convince her that I needed them all in order to have a complete set. Here’s the one that I decided on. It’s called “My Anatomy Teacher, But Green.”

At a minimum, I think she should put together a portfolio of these so that I can possess them all.

May 25 2011

Another ZineFest Review

Jason of Robbie and Bobby fame gives us some nice props in his review of ZineFest.

I was disappointed that I missed the panel discussion. It took place behind our table and behind a wall behind our table. I was so busy shmoozing that I didn’t even realize it was going on!

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